Best Multi-Line Phone System For Small Businesses In 2021

Modern technology gives small businesses the capability to operate with the ease of a large corporation. Updating your business’s phone system is the easiest way to increase productivity and handle the influx of incoming calls of new customers. With a small initial investment, companies have the opportunity to upgrade to a multi line phone system. There’s no better way to handle growth and provide employees with more functionality than upgrading to a more versatile business phone system.

What is a Multi-Line Phone System?

A multi line phone system uses the internet to handle incoming calls. A high-speed internet connection takes away the need for a traditional phone line. While this is an addition to any office, little training and infrastructure are required to make the switch to a more capable business phone system. Multi line phone systems appear and operate as traditional office phones but with more capacity. The internet allows VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones to handle as many calls as your personnel can handle simultaneously.

The best feature is that VoIP is a cloud-based phone system. Your business capabilities aren’t restricted by the perimeter of your office space. A multiline phone system is perfect for the strange times we are in where our home and place of business must be interchangeable. Many of the multi line phone systems also come with an application that can be downloaded to a mobile phone, thus making it very easy to handle incoming calls.

Picking the right multi line phone service for your office can be a daunting task. We have waded through the documentation, features, and capabilities of each cloud phone system on the market, so you don’t have to.

How We Evaluated Each Multi-Line Phone System

Testing each office phone system before making a purchase is virtually impossible for any business owner. Picking a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) handset with an auto attendant can help automatically move your customers along while allowing your employees to be more productive with each business call.

Regardless of the choice you make, anything is better than using a traditional landline and dialpad. All the phone service options on our list are a major upgrade from the single copper wire landline your hardworking employees and valued customers are currently fighting over.

Call Management Features

All the multi line phone systems we have selected offer the features that are necessary to run a leading edge business. Features such as speakerphone, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, internal transfers, and dialing by directory are standard.

Call Quality and Reliability

The volume capacity is the main feature that differentiates a multi line telephone system from others. To run multiple calls at once, you need a reliable telephone system that you can count on. Dropping phone calls isn’t an option when it comes to business calls. You can be confident that all these choices will handle any number of calls reliably well.

Ease of Use

The multi line phone system technology allowing offices to ditch the physical switchboard alone improves the customer journey and employees’ experience.

The hardware on the VoIP service is familiar but perfected to a science. Our choices feature the best possible user interface available to the modern office.


This is an area where some of the systems shine and offer more of what you would expect from a traditional office handset. There is nothing wrong with the basic analog display with caller id, voicemail, and speakerphone features. However, you know the old saying, once you go high-resolution color display on your VoIP phone system capable of supporting video conferencing, you never go back…or something like that.


Adding multiple lines to your office doesn’t have to put your business in the hole for tens of thousands of dollars. Upgrading to a multi line phone system in the workplace is surprisingly inexpensive, much less than having the phone company come in to install another phone line. After a hardware upgrade and a quick tutorial, management of the increased number of business calls will become easier.

Power of Ethernet (PoE) Capability

All our options are capable of sending calls over the internet. Business calls are encrypted and there is no limit to the capacity because they are being sent virtually using the internet.

A cloud based phone system also allows your employees to take your investment in office infrastructure wherever they go. If you have a reliable internet connection, it makes sense to upgrade to a VoIP cordless phone system. A virtual app that receives software updates will ensure continuous improvement in your business phone service.

The Top Four Multi-Line Phone Systems On The Market

As your business scales, your capabilities must keep up. Give your employees the ability to unlock their full potential as a virtual receptionist. These are our picks for the best multi-line phone systems for small businesses.

AT&T Synapse PBX Phone System

If you aren’t ready for a cloud-based IP phone system but are in need of an upgrade, the AT&T Synapse PBX Phone System is your best bet. This multi line phone system can utilize the existing LAN line but is also VoIP capable for when you are ready to start sending calls over the internet.

The Synapse PBX System has corded and cordless phone options that are easy to integrate into the same network. This is a cost-effective small business phone system that uses your existing infrastructure but is also capable in keeping up with your growth. The AT&T Synapse can handle up to 100 headsets and 39 outside lines.

For the price of $100, this is an easy way to upgrade the office to an exceptional business phone service without breaking the bank. While this unified communication option is one of the least expensive, it may have the best user interface from a basic functionality standpoint.

Cisco SPA525G2

Cisco Systems are a staple in the office environment because of their commitment to providing reliable and functional products. This IP phone uses a PoE to enhance network connectivity and offers all the features you expect from a multi line virtual phone system.

Your employees will love that they can integrate their personal phone numbers, charge their cell phone, and connect to Bluetooth with the Cisco VoIP base station.

This phone is loaded with features, and some may even seem like overkill. Do you need to be able to play MP3 or an RSS feed from your desk phone? Probably not, but if you want to hook your premium podcast up to your VoIP, you can.

The coolest feature that is actually useful is the monitor view. The Cisco SPA525G2 comes with a high-definition display that can be connected to your office’s security system, with up to four separate cameras. Hook up monitor view to the reception’s phone system to see who is coming and going or keep an eye on the parking lot right from your desk.

Fanvil X7

If you are looking for the coolest design, look no further than the Fanvil. Its sleek, minimalist design makes it by far the most impressive-looking cordless handset on the list. Looks aren’t everything, especially when you are choosing office equipment, but the functionality matches the design of the Fanvil X7.

The recent increase in the audio cavity to the X7 provides phone calls with a crystal clear, life-like experience. The adjustable stand also gives users a better haptic experience, allowing them to adjust between two different angles.

The standout feature of the X7 is the 7-inch HD touch screen. Again, this feature looks cool but also adds functionality. There are 127 DSS keys available for over four different screens, all fully customizable. The touch screen’s angle is also adjustable to suit your employee’s line of sight.

Fanvil’s newest IP phone is a premium option but isn’t priced out of reach for the small business owner. The functionality and sleek design more than make up for the increase in price.

Yealink SIP-W52P

Yealink has small businesses in mind when designing this cordless multi line phone system. At an affordable price point with great deals on 6-pack systems, this is a great option to save some money but also give your company the ability to grow.

Cordless multi line phones are great for companies with less space or that aren’t operating in a traditional office environment. The Yealink gives employees the freedom to work and talk to customers on the phone, while having all the functions you would expect from a VoIP system.

Our Recommended Multi-Line Phone Systems for Small Businesses

If you are currently using a single landline with your business phone number and have multiple employees, any option would be a major upgrade. All the choices mentioned are great additions to any present-day office, but there are a few that stand out.

For our overall best choice, we have to go with the Cisco SPA525G2. This handset comes in at a reasonable price with more features than you will know what to do with. It is a solid choice for upgrading your basic office desk phone.

Our premium choice is the Fanvil X7, by far the most functional, and no one competes with it in the design category. A few years ago, touch screens didn’t make sense for a multi line phone system, but now that the technology is standard in most electronics, touch adds a ton of capabilities to an already impressive business phonehandset.

If you are looking to upgrade your office environment, adding a multi line phone system is one of the easiest ways to do so. Your investment will be appreciated by your employees and customers. By increasing productivity and the customer experience, you will notice the improvement where it matters most, your bottom line.

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