2021’s Best Online Reputation Management Companies

There’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind that most sales initiate from research on the web. In fact, over half of prospective customers will read reviews of a brand before considering a purchase. That data has highlighted the need for an online reputation management company. So, what do they do exactly?

What is an Online Reputation Management Company?

An online reputation management company is what it says in the title. They use tools at their disposal to ensure your brand is looking good in the public eye. Key responsibilities include curating review platforms like Trustpilot and Google. Others are optimizing social media to ensure positive views of your business.

Reputation is synonymous with conversion these days. Keeping on top of its metrics is significant – but can be very time-consuming and costly to do in house. These online reputation management companies exist to make your life easier.

8 of the Best Online Reputation Management Companies in 2021

There are a plethora of fantastic online reputation management companies today. Many have their own specializations, while others serve a wider audience. However, what rings true is that they are playing a significant role in online brand awareness, search engine optimization/SEO service, and digital marketing. I’ve listed what I think are the best reputation management companies to secure your brand’s image.

  1. WebiMax
  2. BirdEye
  3. Gadook
  4. Reputation.com
  5. Podium
  6. Reputation Rhino
  7. REQ
  8. Netmark.com

We’ll start by listing the entity that critics web-wide have lauded as the best online reputation management company. WebiMax is outstanding in its service, customizing every aspect of its solution to your campaign. They specialize in small businesses, considering it’s one of the most in-demand sectors for reputation management service.

Their versatile and flexible approach will tailor their improvement campaigns against brand targets – burying any negative content and reviews in the process. Their ultimate aim is to set a company image that is sustainable for future growth. They will tirelessly bolster integrity in the online sphere. Better yet, WebiMax services are confidential – so it looks as if your entity is undertaking the public relations campaign!


  • Free online reputation analysis to place your company in a competitive rank
  • No contracts – terminate services whenever you like
  • Complete content reports and suppression of negative commentary

WebiMax is arguably the best all-in-one online reputation manager for your small business. Their budget-friendliness and customizable approach is the real winner, making them the best online reputation management service. If you were looking to address niche platforms, there are better specialists. However, trust these guys to enhance your overall reputation!

BirdEye does what their name says – provide that ever-watchful gaze. They will swoop down and nab anything that looks good and place it in the nest of your business for the world to see. BirdEye doesn’t concern itself with eliminating negative reviews – but rather finding and generating the good stuff so that it’s more visible than the rest.

BirdEye provides a platform that presents multiple statistics on your online reviews while simultaneously generating a message to ask for customer feedback. There’s a lot of synchronicity with conversion rates and Google and Facebook reviews – so that is a core focus. The integrations are excellent and provide an engine to keep on top of customer interactions.


  • Excellent set of analytics tools specialized in significant review platforms
  • Visualization of review data to improve workflow and business
  • Swift notifications for highs and lows in the engagement sphere

BirdEye is a bit more of a technical approach to online reputation management software – but it facilitates the potential for a difference. The platform is scalable to business of all sizes – and allows action on brand reputation management in a fraction of the time. The monitoring, analysis, and surveying tools channel engagement – making customers more likely to leave positive reviews.

Many businesses will stress how their viability is subject to failure because of negative content. That leaves a lot of time spent curating reviews and offering services that can hinder growth. Fear not, reputations are repairable – Gadook specializes in bringing damaged reputations back to life!

If you’ve recently faced a reputation attack – whether it’s your doing or others – Gadook has reputation repair people at the ready to reestablish your name. They achieve this through a thorough debrief of how your business got the negative publicity – and will action by initiating a rebrand. Websites, customer service, social mediamanagement, and more are well within the capabilities of Gadook. They will reinvigorate your business back into the limelight.


  • Efficient rebranding to enhance online reputation
  • Social media optimization to rebuild and retain customer base
  • Solving reputation crises to keep your business afloat

Sometimes a change in direction is better than trying to bury multiple hatchets. Gadook understood the need to relieve small businesses stressing against an anguished or disjointed review. This online reputation management firm is sublime for rising brands and individuals looking to protect their image as they grow. Gadook are the repair people of the industry!

One of the first questions asked by startups and small businesses is ‘I wonder what the other guy is doing?’ Reputation.com exists to answer that curiosity through the power of technology! This online reputation management agency uses a platform that checks your brand yielding 1000s of results that display mentions of your business – and scoring them against your competitors.

Reputation.com maintains a unique approach to online brand reputation management – simple in stature yet very effective. As long as you are doing better than the competition, you are on the growth path. The application uses a palette of online reviews, business listings, and social media commentary to position your brand in the industry. It’s a tool that provides a profound sense of clarity in online reputation management.


  • Check your online presence against 1000s of mentions to optimize your standing
  • Stay ahead of the game with brand scoring algorithms
  • Manage your online reputation on the go with mobile apps

Anybody that wants to avoid the nitty-gritty of responding to customers and going all-out on the social media front will love Reputation.com. The automated approach amalgamates every internet reputation metric into an easy-to-read number. If the number is high – you’re doing OK. If it’s low – your brand’s reputation might be in danger. It really is that simple – but it’s not going to help you take any action.

If you have a person in your office space full of positivity and glee – Podium is the software representation. The AI of the platform is perhaps one of the most engaging and fruitful out of the online representation companies. It takes the job of client follow-ups away from that ever-growing to-do list and seeks to spread positive vibes among the mix.

It accomplishes bettering your online reputation by automatically messaging customers after interaction or conversion with your brand. Podium’s functions are pretty elementary – but they are incredibly effective. Text, social, or email messages are sent to customers inviting them to review your business with links – and it works! The resulting numbers have proven in the field of brand enhancement.


  • Remove the need to chase customers for feedback
  • Generate more positive content reviews with automated requests
  • Dashboard to manage messages and interactions

The simplest explanation is usually the right one – or so Occam’s Razor goes. Podium takes the fuss out of brand image enhancement with a simple messaging service across popular platforms. I think this is one of the best online reputation management experts given how streamlined the concept is, and not to forget how stunning the results are!

Sometimes a strewn-out plan is the best path to success. No other reputation management company understands that concept like Reputation Rhino. They use their lucrative digital toolset to create a roadmap tailoring to all your brand’s ambitions and creates solutions to propel you into the forefront of your competition.

The ‘rhino’ in the name resonates very well with what this company does. Bides all the details before charging in to make a positive impact on your brand. Reputation Rhino is one of the most versatile entities for review management to SEO for your brand. They all yield excellent results. If you aren’t sure where to start with your online reputation management – this is the ideal choice.


  • Sets out a road to success incorporating your business’ current circumstances
  • A versatile approach to brand enhancement with a variety of different services
  • Expertise covers a broad range of industries

Reputation Rhino has so much faith in their services that they offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t deliver the results you are looking for. It is probably one of the best online reputation management companies for individuals considering their abilities in multiple channels of promotion and content curation.

For some businesses – it can be all about what the data is showing. REQ are specialists in presenting data-driven dashboards for reputation management. It analyses your mentions throughout social media, review sites, and any online reputation medium – supplying trends and transparency about how your customers view your brand.

The standout feature of REQ is that everything updates in real-time. If there are growing interactions between your business and client base, you’ll be able to understand reactions right away. It’s a practical tool in staying ahead of your online reputation. Apply repairs or rewards as mentions happen.


  • A data-driven solution that assigns a real-time score to your reputation
  • Get total comprehension of your customer’s view of your business
  • Far-reaching algorithms deliver unique metrics in reputation reporting

Perhaps REQ is one of the more technical solutions – but my word does it help. No platform delivers such a comprehensive outlook for your business. If you are more data inclined, this would be the best reputation management tool. The big picture of your brand becomes all the more palatable and really streamlines decision-making for actioning.

If you tend to take a bit more of a reactionary approach to a bad review – Netmark.com is absolutely made for you. The company’s mantra is to respond to any positive content or negative content review instantaneously. What’s great about them is they manage to bring the best commentary far above that which slanders – with remarkable prowess in burying the negative review.

With Netmark.com, you’ll get real-time alerts for reviews in every capacity and quick responses. They are the best online reputation management consultants to call upon if you want instant addressing of negative publicity. The approach they take to the general public is as embracing as it is effective – winning over customers by giving ‘personal attention.


  • Fast and efficient review management
  • Excellent for building rapport with customers
  • Real-time notifications and alerts of any brand mention

Netmark.com seems to have a way with people. If you are a hands-off business and don’t want to waste any time addressing online reputation concerns – they are your best bet. The response pistol is already loaded at Netmark.com, and they are ready to go on the offensive on your brand’s behalf whenever you need them.

How To Choose an Online Reputation Management Company

As you can see from the list, the best reputation management companies are specialized in their services. Some review platforms and social media might be more significant than others to a small business owner – depending on where they are engaging.

Choosing the right company for you doesn’t have to be niched to your most popular platforms – there are excellent all-in-one solutions out there. It’s all dependent on whether you want to enhance your positive reputation where you are already established or seek new mediums to build rapport. There are plenty of fantastic options above!


The online reputation of a business is having an increasing effect on conversion potential in the modern day. More sales and services are moving to the web, building the rising importance of good brand resonance.

Having an online reputation management consultant at your side is becoming essential – they are a content marketing tool that helps secure your business for sustainable growth. Nobody wants to be brought down by a negative comment or scathing review – the reputation resolutions listed above can protect your present and future!

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