The Best Squarespace Templates To Improve Your Website

Squarespace Templates

Website design is not a simple task. But if you own a business, there’s no doubt that you need a quality website with plenty of content. This can seem daunting, as many business owners do not have in-house designers and they might not be at all familiar with website design. They simply can’t afford to spend hours trying to learn custom css or graphic design. Fortunately, a Squarespace template can make this process much easier.

Squarespace is a website hosting and design platform that provides users with website template kits and a variety of layouts. The newest version is Squarespace 7.1 (the predecessor to Squarespace 7.0), which gives you, even more, Squarespace website templates and design kits to make building your website a breeze.

What are Squarespace Templates?

A Squarespace template is essentially a pre-made design for your website. You might look at them as a guide to help you build your site from scratch. Basically, a Squarespace template provides the structure for your website, and you provide the content. The layout is put together for you, but you control what words and topics are used in each part of your site. Squarespace will provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you build a unique and attractive website.

There is a range of different Squarespace templates for a variety of needs and services. The right template family that you choose for your site will be based on the type of business that you run. For instance, you might use a Squarespace blog template with a blog sidebar and parallax scrolling if you want to provide consistent blog post updates. You can also use a social media Squarespace template with a specific grid layout to highlight your feed knowing that the right Squarespace template can help you easily keep in touch with your followers.

Thanks to the many options the Squarespace site provides, templates in version 7.1 have something for everyone. If you require a specific navigation bar, blog section, sidebar option, or even a demo site, using a Squarespace designer to build your website can help save you time and money. With the perfect Squarespace template, it should help you boost sales by giving your website additional features whether you run a real estate business, a law firm, or an ad agency.

You get access to a variety of free templates with your Squarespace website subscription. However, you aren’t limited to just a single Squarespace template design. There are many premium and third-party templates that you can use to customize your site.

Best Squarespace Templates for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents need to have attractive but simple websites that draw potential clients in. They should be image-heavy, but not cluttered. Squarespace has several options that are excellent for real estate agencies.


Suffolk is a clean Squarespace template design with a sleek interface. It comes free with your Squarespace subscription, and is simple to use. You can include an about section, a contact page, and links to the homes that are currently available. Suffolk is easy to use and should help you get great exposure for your real estate business.


Palermo is another free template from Squarespace that is great for real estate sites. The attractive layout allows you to showcase properties on your index page while linking to important info for your main navigation purposes. If you run a real estate agency but don’t have time for web design, this is a fantastic option.

Best Squarespace Templates for Photographers

Squarespace is rife with benefits for those in the artistic trades. While many may be able to create their own websites, the time required might take away from their ability to focus on their art. Many photographers have made excellent use of the Squarespace platform thanks to the variety of templates. Some of the favorite Squarespace templates for photographers include:


Squaremuse offers several design kits that are great for photographers. These are premium templates that start at $249, but many professional artists swear by them. Whether using Squarespace 7.0 or Squarespace 7.1, you are sure to find a portfolio template that works well for your photography business. The slick layouts are customizable and simple to put together.

Sophie by Big Cat Creative Templates

Big Cat Creative has been a well-respected name in Squarespace templates for some time now. These templates provide step-by-step instructions to make building your site even easier. Sophie is a particularly attractive template that is perfect for any photography business. With large images and straight-forward navigation, it makes it easy for customers to find your services while viewing your art. Sophie is compatible with Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1 and comes in at $149.

Belladonna by Big Cat Creative

For something a little more modern, Belladonna is a great option for photographers. Available for Squarespace 7.1, this also costs $149. It helps you easily showcase your portfolio while driving traffic to your sales page to help you gain new clients.

Best Squarespace Templates for Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors need their websites to be professional and easy to use for their clients. This doesn’t mean that they can’t still be attractive, however. Here are a couple of templates that can help your financial business website thrive.

Ava Grande by Big Cat Creative

Big Cat templates aren’t just for the artistic industries. The Ava Grande design kit for Squarespace 7.1 can give a modern and respectable look to your financial website. It uses enough imagery to draw your customers in, but maintains a professional image. With easy navigation to your sales and services pages, customers will be able to quickly learn about your business content and make decisions to reach out for quotes.

Jada by GoLive HQ

GoLive HQ has some of the most advanced templates that we’ve seen, but they do come at a higher price. For financial professionals, it may just be worth it to spring for these stunning Squarespace 7.1 design kits. Jada gives a clean, professional look and provides you with total customization. At $299, it may seem expensive at first glance, but it is worth it for those who want to bring their web presence to the next level. You won’t need to have any coding knowledge, or even have a background in web design. GoLive offers in-depth guides to help you create a gorgeous and functional website.

Best Squarespace Templates for E-commerce Shops

E-commerce shops have become increasingly popular. They can provide great income with minimal work if they are run properly. The ease of entry into the market, however, also makes it a very competitive field. It is vital for online shop owners to have a great website with a template design that includes a navigation menu, banner image, blog page feature, and content text that keeps customers engaged and encourages them to return regularly. Squarespace has some fantastic options for these shops and online service providers.

Sparhawk 7.0 by Kate Scott

Kate Scott has some of the most elegant and powerful offerings available for Squarespace users. Sparhawks is optimized specifically for e-commerce, with a focus on service providers and plenty of subscription options. Don’t let the minimalist nature of the design fool you – this website builder offers 12 different page layouts and provides seamless navigation for any user. This variety allows you to create a unique look for your online shop while maximizing customer engagement. At $397, it is on the higher end of templates, but you can save by using code KATESCOTT10.

Ruminant 7.0 by Kate Scott

Ruminant gives users a rustic look with a powerful platform. Course creators and subscription-based services can create beautiful, engaging websites with minimal effort. Like Sparhawk, Ruminant offers 12 different layouts that can be used to truly make your website one-of-a-kind. The All-In-One Platform provided by Kate Scott makes it easy to set up, customize, and maintain. Ruminant comes in at $397, but you can save by using Code KATESCOTT15.

Where Can you Buy Squarespace Templates?

Squarespace templates are available on many different websites. Squarespace itself has a variety of templates available – some free and some that require payment. Beginners may prefer to keep everything in one place, so using their pre-made layouts might be the best way to go. However, there are some very powerful templates available from third parties as well.

As mentioned above, many Squarespace expert companies have entered the realm and are continually pushing the boundaries of what the platform can do. Companies like Big Cat Creative, GoLive HQ, and Kate Scott are all fantastic options for your website. Each one focuses on different niches, so you will want to research the available templates to determine which is best for your business and Squarespace account.


Building a website can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Squarespace is a powerful platform that lets you customize your website without sacrificing all of your time. This allows you to focus on your core business functions rather than struggling to maintain your online presence.

No matter what sort of business you run, there is sure to be a Squarespace theme that can help you drive sales and improve your image. With a seemingly endless supply of themes, designer color palettes, and layouts, you can create a website that helps your company stand out among the competition.

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