How to Set Up a New Google My Business Account: Complete Guide

Setting up a Google Business Account for your business has become imperative in gaining physical and digital traffic. Outlets that have been verified by the search giant tend to be trusted more, ultimately benefitting you!

So, how do you set up a Google Business Account and get verified? This guide will explain the complete process.

Why Do I Need a Google Business Account?

Any business that has a physical presence is highly recommended to register a Google Business Account. Because so many people use Google to search businesses – verifying an account can make sure you are found.

If somebody searched for ‘surf stores Hawaii,’ and you happen to own a surf shop in the state – registering a business will get your outlet shining upon the results.

What Do I Need to Know About Setting Up a Google Business Account?

There’s nothing you need to know beforehand about setting up a Google Business Account. The only thing to mention would be that Google sends a postcard to your business address for verification.

You’ll need to have a physical address where you can access your mail.

When Do I Need To Set It Up?

If you are starting a new business, it’s recommended to get a Google Business Account registered as soon as you are ready to take customers. You’ll only need to do this once for your business.

Who Is In Charge of a Google Business Account?

Business owners and managers are usually responsible for setting up the account. If an SEO/Marketing agency is helping set up your online presence, they will likely help with the registration.

Let's Register and Verify Your New Google Business Account

The process of creating a Google Business Account is pretty straightforward. The only differences will be setting one up for yourself or acting on a client’s behalf (agencies).

However, the principles involved remain relatively the same for both. The guide will highlight any information needed for third-party registrations.

So let’s get your new Google Business Account set up!

1. Visit the ‘Google My Business site, and click ‘Manage Now.’

If you are setting up a Google Business Account for yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to the Google Account you’ll use to manage your new Google Business Account.

2. If you’re setting up a Google My Business account on behalf of someone else, follow these instructions.

Should you be setting up a Google Business Account for a client, it’s recommended to complete this process through your agency’s ‘Google My Business Organization’ account. If you don’t have one yet, follow this guide! Otherwise:

  • Log in to your organization’s dashboard, and click the ‘Businesses’ tab.
  • Double-check you are in the right location group, and click ‘Add a Single Business.’

3. Google will now present your business with two options, ‘create new’ or ‘claim.’

The next screen will offer two options:

  • Claim your business if it already exists on Google’s database.
  • Create a new one if you can’t find it listed (this will be the most likely scenario).

4. Type in your business’ name, and click ‘Next.’

Type in your business name into the search box. If you have found it from the dropdown, click on it to proceed. If not, create a business with its name.

5. Choose the category that best fits your business.

Type in and select the category that represents your business’ products or services.

6. Next, you’ll need to fill in some details about your business’ location (even if you’re a digital business!).

This is where the essential information for a physical business comes in:

  • Google will ask if your business has a physical location. If you have a shop or office you’d like the public to visit, click ‘Yes.’
    • You’ll then need to fill in the address of your outlet’s location.
    • If you also service customers outside your location, the screen will ask you to confirm the area served. Click ‘Yes, I serve them outside my location’ if you do, then select the serviced region.
  • If you don’t have a physical location for your business – select no on this screen. You’ll then be prompted to fill in details about the area you service.

7. Fill in your business’ contact details.

Of course, you’ll want customers to be able to contact you to garner even more trade. Fill in your business’ contact details, such as phone number and website URL.

8. If everything is in order, you’ll see a ‘success’ page.

If there are no issues, you’ll see the screen below to start wrapping up the registration.

9. Now you will need to verify your business – choose the method of verification.

It’s all good and well saying you have a business, but Google will need to make sure that everything you said is the real deal. They will verify your business by prompting you to confirm a verification method.

You will select ‘Postcard by Mail.’

10. Google will send out a postcard to your business with a unique verification code.

Until your postcard arrives, we’re done with the registration part of setting up a new Google Business Account!

Complete the Verification Process

When that almighty postcard arrives, we’ll complete the verification process as below:

1. You will get your postcard in a few days.

It should take a few days to receive your postcard. When you do, it should have a verification code, as seen in the picture below.

2. Visit Google’s ‘Verify My Business page.

To add your unique code, visit

3. Enter the verification code you got on your postcard.

Punch in your verification code, and click ‘Verify.’

4. And we’re done!

And just like that, you are a verified business. You can enjoy the benefits of an operation Google Business Account, where you can manage your listing whenever needed.


Setting up a new Google Business Account takes no time at all. It can have a colossal impact on traffic to your business. Whether you are a digital, physical, or multi-business owner, registering an account is an absolute must!

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