The Best Firewall For Home or Small Business

Best Firewall For Home Or Small Business

Online network security should be a primary concern in a home or small business. An unprotected network is a primary target for cybercriminals, benefitting themselves from your sensitive data. How does one monitor, detect, and stop such internet security breaches in a network? Firewalls are the asset that stands between you and them.

What is a Firewall?

If you are unfamiliar with computing terms, a firewall would sound a bit obstructive. The notion actually is the polar opposite – it is an asset that assists in protecting your internet-connected device from hackers and interlopers. A firewall sets rules in who can access your online network – detecting and blocking any suspicious people from entering.

They will look after your network security while you get on with what you need to do – and let you know if there’s anything not quite right about your internet activity.

Why Do I Need a Firewall for Home Use?

We are relying on the internet more these days to live, work, and complete daily tasks. Being so connected yields many benefits to society, but it also presents criminals opportunities to cause problems. The internet is open and exposed without any protective measures – firewalls are the barrier that keeps unwanted entities off what’s yours.

Whenever you are doing online banking transactions, sending confidential documents, or sharing private messages, a firewallnetwork can ensure others don’t see any sensitive information. They are protecting home lives and business operations from being hindered by cybercriminals – and they are now essential to online network security.

5 of the Best Firewall for Home Network and Small Business

Cybersecurity is a complex and ever-changing part of online life. Hackers and interlopers continue to find new ways to breach protective measures, seeking to steal, sell and disrupt data. Not everyone is aligned with the latest safety concerns. I’ve made this list of best firewalls for home and small businesses – in parallel with accessibility and effectiveness.

  1. Fortinet Security Fabric
  2. BitDefender Box 2
  3. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter
  4. Firewalla
  5. OPNSense
Fortinet security fabric

I’ll start my list by introducing the firewall device box that does the trick if you aren’t sure precisely what you need in a hardware firewall. The Fortinet Security Fabric is one of the best firewall appliance for home and small businesses considering its adaptability to online infrastructure. Its security applications are pretty impressive, too!

Whether you want to secure your home from online intrusions or protecting essential assets in your business from malware – Fortinet can scale to demand. Any secure router in their repertoire can offer a high level of security and excellent firewall software no matter which one you pick. The best firewall device features – it works very well for all wired and wireless router connections. Remote workers will not need to concern themselves with online safety with this cloud firewall!


  • Adaptable to any home network or business infrastructure
  • Scalability with demands of security and protection
  • Single hardware firewall console to manage all router connections

Fortinet offers something for every kind of operation and daily activity. The offerings fit neatly within the scope of a home network or small business. It’s the best hardware firewallrouter to pick if you’ve been tasked with improving internet security – but lack the technical detail to make an informed decision. If you scale behind the bounds of a mid-sized business, you might need something different. Otherwise, Fortinet Security Fabric is an excellent option.

bitdefender Box2

We’re starting to use the internet for nearly everything. People are connecting their home applications to web-based devices more and more. We’re using our smartphones to switch on lights and tablets to tell the washing machine to stop. BitDefender hardware was built around the idea of protecting your home from malicious intrusion. You wouldn’t want a hacker controlling all the lights in your house with remote access, after all!

The BitDefender Box 2 is an excellent wifi router device that protects devices in a home network against attack. What’s even better about this hardware firewall is that it has machine-learning algorithms. That means that whenever there’s suspicious activity or incoming traffic – the box will learn how to defend against a potential attack. It’s a fantastic way to better its protective measures without human involvement.


  • Very compatible hardware firewall rules with your home network
  • Provided app to easily allow for remote access – manage and monitor your BitDefender Box 2 wherever you are
  • Enhanced prevention systems tailored to home protection

The BitDefender Box 2 is a vigilant watchdog and a perfect hardware firewall for home use. As it’s more inclined to protect against device attacks, it’s not the best option for a large business. If you were running your business network from home or with few people, it would work quite well, though.

Ubiiquitti edgerouter

There are plenty who absolutely loathe the technicalities behind setting up a hardware firewall – yet still have concerns for home network security protection. Ubiquiti slot into the category of facilitating the need for things to be simple. Their Router is a piece of hardware that isn’t a firewall solution in itself – but includes one built-in, so you don’t have to mess around with it.

When you do need to customize things such as connection access, content filtering, and monitoring threats – no problem. The Router software makes that simple, too. The interface is easy to use, where non-technical users can switch things on and off as they see fit. This Router adds a refreshing process to bolstering home network security or small business intrusion prevention.


  • Simple to implement a home router that includes a quality firewall built-in
  • Little effort required to monitor threats and protect your devices
  • Affordably priced router

The stigma attached with something simple is that it won’t do it all. That concept is correct with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter – sacrificing scalability over user-friendliness. It does its firewall job very well, though – preventing unwanted network traffic and making good firewalls manageable by the non-technical users.


You can’t get more straightforward than Firewalla. The name literally says what it does! The little red or blue router device functions well as a hardware firewall for home use – but works particularly well for small businesses. Setup is easy and manageable from a range of devices. Soon after, you’ll find that your online business network and assets are well protected under its vast security applications.

Firewalla is a better router option for small businesses as it includes more functionality than other firewall hardware. VPNs, ad blocks, and threat alerts are the sublime additional features. It also allows for scalability depending on your business needs. Upgrades are near-instant should you find there is an increase in web traffic or potential threats.


  • One of the most effortless firewall to install and manage
  • Different, affordable plans depending on what your business security concerns are
  • Automatic threat blocking with deep-learning analysis

Firewalla offers a superior solution in a small package. We can’t forget that there are limitations to the hardware firewall device, such as a maximum internet speed (gigabit ethernet anyone?). But you can count on it to detect and repel any significant threats to your business. The tools to help facilitate day-to-day cybersecurity audits serve as a massive plus, too!


We can’t forget a software firewall option for those on a budget. More specifically, those looking for the best free firewall for home or small business use. OPNSense may be more technically inclined – but it is open-source, leaving the potential for customization. Of course, it’s also completely free – you’ll be able to strike cybersecurity from your budget.

This firewall doesn’t come with any router or hardware – it is a purely software-based solution. It might look a bit threatening at first, but once you get the hang of the ins and outs – OPNSense is quite simple to manage. Customizability, speed, and scalability are standout features of the firewall. It’s updated frequently, which also gives peace of mind about your home or business internet security.


  • Open-source software firewall customizable and scalable to changing threats
  • Updated frequently against latest internet security and malware concerns
  • Interface to manage firewall options effectively

Those who haven’t worked with firewalls before may initially find OPNSense a bit tricky to get their head around. It’s worth the time investment in learning its nodes and functions, though. You can pretty much get enterprise firewall protection without paying a penny. Any potential threat, malware, or malicious activity can be detected and neutralized before interlopers can even set a digital footprint in your network firewall.


The number of options for your wireless network firewall for home or small business use doesn’t stop here. However, these are the few I’ve picked, knowing they are friendly to general use and considered the best firewall for home and small businesses. We must all be protected from cyber attacks and malware as we move more of our lives online. One of these essential tools will help deliver peace of mind that your data network and internet connection is safe.

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