Top 10 Best Twitch Streaming Software In 2021

Twitch has become a revolution in the way we consume content – and has now become a full-time job for many. Shifting from a primarily gaming-based broadcast application – the streaming platform now hosts millions of channels of streamers from all categories of entertainment. From music-making to relaxation therapy – all the way to pseudo chat shows – it’s pretty amazing the kind of growth the application has had.

Having the ambition to be a full-time live video streamer may seem challenging to make it a reality. There are many applications to help you start your journey, however. If you’ve always dreamed of showcasing your talents and making a career out of Twitch live streaming – do it.

The trouble many streamers face, though, is getting started. Not forgetting the need to manage growth to sustainable career levels. Thankfully, there’s some fantastic streaming software out there to help achieve your dream on Twitch!

Why is Good Software So Important To Twitch Streaming?

Some of the best live streaming software for Twitch allows a one-stop-shop to achieve financial and follower goals. They help streamline donations, give their stream a unique brand, and create a buzz. Well-tailored applications can yield better audience engagement, conversion, and increased followings.

It’s now essential to have streaming software if you plan to go anywhere as a broadcaster. And we’ve got a great list of the best Twitch streaming software compiled for you!

Top 10 Best Twitch Streaming Software

Sometimes when a piece of streaming software comes straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s the most beneficial. This isn’t precisely the case with Twitch Studio – but it’s probably the best option for those getting started live streaming. The ease of guided setup allows first-time streamers to get going pretty quickly. When it comes to the customizability of your broadcast or stream layout, there’s not much going for it, but a stream overlay can be found elsewhere.


Twitch Studio serves as a neat, little entry into live stream software. It’s tailored precisely to its host platform. The best part, of course, is that it’s totally free. More experienced Twitch streamers have vented frustrations that it does not update viewer counts properly – and it’s hellishly difficult to uninstall – if at all possible.

Lightstream offers a very versatile software feature for those that stream on multiple platforms. It’s completely accessible from a web browser and offers downloadable apps across popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. It allows for many inputs, adjustments to internet speeds, and professional design – all stream features for free outside enterprise packages.


The problem with offering such a palette of functionality is the application will eat away at your CPU. Lightstream will slow your computer down if you don’t have a machine that’s high spec. If you do – you’ll find this live streaming software to be incredibly useful when performing simultaneous and beautiful broadcasts.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous and intuitive interface? XSplit presents an easy-to-use platform to plug in your camera and get live streaming. It is pretty beginner-friendly, with an added feature that removes the background of people in the frame. No green screens are required for your stream, halting further investment in the visuals. The application is focused on getting the best out of a game viewing experience.


Features are limited in quite a few respects. XSplit is a freemium service – and while its free streaming software is workable, it will present a few frustrations without payment. There are watermarks for high-resolution streams, and configurations to broadcasting platforms don’t traverse into advanced plains. However, Gamecaster is an excellent option for those who want simple live streaming software.

Sometimes basic functionality is not enough for your Twitch stream – and no platform understands that quite like Wirecast. There are several options for your broadcast – including interactive scoreboards, ISO recording, instant replays – and the potential to get a party going with multiple host capabilities. The advanced options may be overwhelming for stream initiates, but it could be a screen recorder platform to aspire to.


Boy, this software is expensive. The pricing of the pro version highlights why Wirecast is more suited to adept streamers. At $695, you may want to hold off until you know your broadcast trade has potential. However, when you decide to take the career path of consistent broadcasting – this software is a very worthy investment to create a buzz about your stream.

There’s always a sense of relief around software like OBS Studio. Because it’s open-source, that means it’s free and highly customizable! While it lacks consistency and intuitiveness – it is backed by a strong plugin community that is consistently releasing assets with new features. There’s a whole lot of creative flair to be had out of this diverse broadcast application.


Because OBS Studio is open-source – there is no dedicated support team to the streaming platform. It will require a lot of patience while you understand the gadgets and gizmos behind the free streaming software. Beginner streamers will likely face some difficulty navigating the labyrinth of functionality – but give it time and patience, the broadcast possibilities will seem endless. OBS Studio is definitely one of the best Twitch streaming software.

StreamLabs was born out of a toolset for game streaming captures – and based on the live streaming features of OBS. It’s software that has been developed around the demands of the gaming community rather than a general outreach littered with feature after feature. The platform’s interface is fantastic, allowing widgets such as donation trackers and subscriber counters to be easily assigned.


StreamLabs’ nature of development means that it’s always going to be a work in progress. But it is very receptive to the current demands and trends of game streamers. The software is consistently buggy with each feature update – but can be overlooked as it’s free and bursting with easy-to-use options for your next stream.

With every category of entertainment comes a toolset to fit the ideals of a professional. vMix certainly presents itself as the luxury asset of live streaming software. The features of this platform are packed with that wow factor. They include dazzling overlays, effects, replays, and 4K encoding options. Although a bit of a challenge to navigate, there isn’t any shortage of ideas to match whatever creative concept you have for your live video stream.


With great options comes a complicated interface – beginners will feel overwhelmed getting stuck into this software. Different pricing tiers aim to match a broadcaster’s experience from $60 – $1200. The ultimate model is considered the best software for live streaming on Twitch. However, unless you want to spend time creating professional-grade streams – maybe stick with one of the free stream options. Take this up when you’re a pro!

OBS.Live is another byproduct of the OBS Studio – but aims to create a much more intuitive stream management tool at the expense of overzealous flair. This software is very easy-to-use with all functionality that beginner to mid-level streams could want – including chatbots, overlays, themes, and a familiar interface.


OBS.Live is definitely not the most versatile of live streaming software, but what it does have in features – it works very well. The application is a friendly face in effectively managing broadcasts and well suited to those who don’t require detailed video features and high customization. It is, of course, a free platform.

Another live streaming software that comes from an organization dedicated to delivering a marvelous game experience. NVIDIA Shadowplay works very well at capturing your live game streaming but feels a little lacking when using it to broadcast. NVIDIA Shadowplay’s essential features of recording videos, overlay, and replay are there and work very well. But they fail to capitalize on the more professional needs of a Twitch streamer.


The biggest downside of NVIDIA Shadowplay’s live streaming software presents almost immediately – it is only compatible with NVIDIA GPUs. If you are running a machine with Ryzen graphics cards – you’re going to be out of luck. Overall, the NVIDIA Shadowplay application works absolutely fine as a decent capture/broadcasting platform – but the lack of customizability and limited usage won’t appeal to everyone. For NVIDIA users – it’s definitely worth giving a whirl, though.

Here we have another nifty piece of all-around game capture software – perfect for streams if you are the jack of all trades. There is a full range of options that incorporate all the essential requirements of a mid-level streamer. Those include brilliant transition and feed options, with a palatable stream deck interface to manage live stream data.


Elgato’s primary concern as a live streaming software is definitely user-friendliness. The ease of streaming setup and adaptability to the most popular live streaming platforms make this an excellent choice for those not focused on unique visuals. It’s another fully supported software that is free – and built to help you on your way to a professional broadcaster.

Finding the Best Twitch Streaming Software For You

The live streaming world is your oyster – and your lucrative career in Twitch awaits, no matter what your choice of broadcasting software. You’ll find that the best options for streamers are mainly to do with how tech-savvy they are – and how many followers they have on their Twitch channel stream.

Remember, you never have to commit to just one – you can change to your needs as time goes on. You can invest in the very best Twitch streaming software if you become more pro, and your finances (or Twitch account) allow it.

If you require any more information about software choices, check the Twitch website. It has recommendations that knowingly work well with its platform.

So, now you have the live streaming software you need – I wish you a happy broadcast – I can’t wait to see you out there!

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