The Best Whiteboard Animation Software: Top Picks & Reviews

What Is The Best Whiteboard Animation Software

What can I do to make my presentations more engaging? We’ve all been to informational events where the graphics and the media were the best part of the program. The colors, sounds, and movements intrigue us more than listening to somebody talk for a while about their project.

Whiteboard animation software has developed around the concept of giving professionals tools to captivate audiences.

What is Whiteboard Animation Software?

Have you ever attended a classroom or a meeting where everything is graphically explained on a whiteboard? Well, whiteboard animation software is the technological representation of that concept.

It makes any idea, information, or concept engaging – with animated graphics synced with gripping sounds. The software behind the whiteboard media makes it simple for anybody to create professional-looking videos for their projects.

8 of the Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

There is a plethora of whiteboard animation software out there. As for the list titles – some are better than others! I’ve picked 8 of what I believe are the best on the market – chosen by their ease of use, creative potential, and pricing structures. Find info about the 8 best whiteboard videosoftware below.

  1. Videoscribe
  2. Doodly
  3. Vyond
  4. Moovly
  5. Easy Sketch Pro
  6. Animaker
  7. Renderforest
  8. Adobe Animate CC

Let’s start with one of the most widely featured whiteboard animation software – VideoScribe. Quite frankly, its ease of use and high levels of versatility make it one of the best whiteboard animation software on the market. The platform features the ability to conjure up a video and presentation in minutes, with assets that can be dragged and dropped right onto the board.

The whiteboard animated videosoftware goes above and beyond with its voiceover functionality. It also provides the user with a library of templates and assets to choose from. The VideoScribe experience really is one of the most pleasant out of the bunch, resulting in a professional whiteboard explainer video that won’t take too much skill or time to make.


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for quick video creation
  • Export videos into a large number of popular formats
  • Unlimited number of pages to add to your storyboards
  • High level of support for the application

Arguably, VideoScribe is one of the best options for whiteboard animation software out there. There isn’t immense detail for more groundbreakingvideo creations – but it does what it’s meant to do very well. Any professional of every industry can create educational videos and presentations with ease – dazzling their viewers. It’s pretty affordable for single users at $17.50 a month, too!


The name Doodly would suggest a bit more of a casual approach to whiteboard animation software. In contrast – the application focuses on the most professional output of your doodle video. The core focus is to facilitate fantastic looking media for your projects within minutes – and without the cost of employing a designer to do it.

One of the best things about Doodly is the image-tracing functionality. You can drop a professional image onto the board – and the magic engine will create a doodle of it. Even better, a customized hand will show the drawing! The glass board, whiteboard, and blackboard templates, along with the doodle sketch software’s professional export features, make Doodly an incredibly nifty media tool.


  • Drop any image onto the board and watch Doodly create professional drawings
  • A vast library of background images and pre-drawn doodles
  • Perfectly tailored for marketers, teachers, and salespeople
  • A lightning-quick way to make professional videos

We’ll note the downside of Doodly first, in that it’s not cheap. The only pricing option comes at $20 a month for single users – billed annually. Other than that, there’s plenty to enjoy about the doodlesoftware. There’s a lot of emphasis on wowing viewers with minimal effort on the video creator. If someone was employed to create the most mind-blowing presentations for clients – Doodly is a sure-winner for the assignee.


If a simple whiteboard animation style doesn’t do it for you – Vyond will save the day. No other whiteboard video maker features such capability in dazzling animation and curating an alluring factor. If your business is looking for something that really engages prospective clients or internal personnel – Vyonds features and functionality are incredible.

There is a wealth of 3D animation, effects, and backgrounds at your disposal. Not forgetting the music, sound effects – and lip-sync to any voiceovers making the video creation process a breeze. The potential of Vyond is boundless – and will offer the most professional videos that go above and beyond expectations. Animations have never looked so good and been made so easy to make!


  • High level of customization in assets like animated characters and models
  • Industry-standard template library for quick videos
  • Make your video animations life-like without needing a professional
  • Lip syncing feature makes integrated voiceovers a visual touch

Vyond is one of the best whiteboard animation software for one reason. It makes professional videos accessible to anyone. One of the increasing expenses of many organizations is having industry-standard media made for them. Now it can be done internally at a fraction of the cost. That being said, the level of detail comes with a higher price. The billing tier starts at $299 a year – but honestly, it’s worth it.


One would be forgiven thinking Moovly might be a technological revelation associated with a bovine. This whiteboard animation software uses the name more to highlight how speedy you can accomplish your pro videos. The platform focuses more on offering an expansive library with millions of assets to satisfy your objectives – where all you need is an idea of the ability to drag-and-drop.

Moovly is more team-inclined, presenting some collaboration features – and its friendly user interface allows everyone to always be on the same page. There is plenty of pre-rendered animations and transitions to choose from – allowing every video to be fresh and creative. It’s refreshing how much can be done with this platform so quickly. All the pieces of the puzzle are already there – you just have to put them together.


  • Millions of images and sounds available in the colossal asset library
  • A web-based platform that is easily accessed remotely
  • Export your videos straight to popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Functionality for group collaboration

Moovly presents itself as a brilliant animation tool to have on hand. If you’ve been tasked with creating a sales presentation for the same day, no problem. You’ll have everything you need to create an engaging presentation in a few clicks. The multi-language support is a real winner for international teams, too. It could be slightly better on the template front – but there’s already a lot of creative potential from the library assets.


Easy Sketch Pro thrives by its namesake of providing whiteboard animation software to those with little or no experience. The platform itself boasts that you don’t need any design or technical skills to create magnificent videos. This concept is absolutely true. All you need to do is upload a video or image and watch Easy Sketch Pro work its artistic flair!

The whiteboard animation maker capitalizes on the idea that engagement is the primary factor of video creation. You can’t go wrong with this platform in that regard – watching the engaging sketch video it creates is transcending. Plenty of pens, brushes, and pencils add to the voiceover and music functionality to export the video you conceptualized in minutes. For such a simple tool – it’s pretty amazing what Easy Sketch Pro can do.


  • Drop your video onto the board, and it will be professionally sketched
  • Easy video management for custom assets like logos and voiceovers
  • Royalty-free library of media if you don’t have anything for your whiteboard animated video
  • Mac and Windows both supported

You won’t be creating feature films with Easy Sketch Pro – but what it does with so little effort is incredible. The developers have taken the route of accessibility above versatility and really hit the nail on the head. It’s one of the most intuitive whiteboard software to use – and arguably the best priced!


‘Make Whiteboard Cool Again!’ The mantra that Animaker presents their whiteboard animation software. So what exactly does that entail? The focus of this platform is built around learning the ins and outs of professional video creation. You can go on a whiteboard journey from knowing absolutely nothing to being an industry-standard media producer.

Animaker is a whiteboard animation videosoftware that puts the art of storytelling into the spotlight. The number of features in its repertoire to achieve concepts is unparalleled and perfectly adapted to beginners. Auto lip-sync, character creation, and animation features – bring out the best in the final product. It is sure to drop some jaws.


  • Create immersive and engaging video stories with this animation video maker
  • Adaptable to all skill levels from beginner to expert
  • Many effects to give a realistic touch to your videos available
  • Dropping your voiceover in will automatically sync to the character

Animaker has a lot of confidence in itself as one of the best whiteboard animation software. It offers a free tier to get you going where it progresses into very affordable paid plans. There isn’t any doubt that you can make any video look absolutely fantastic with the character features. It’s a bit more time-consuming than other platforms – but the results speak for themselves.


Finally, we come to the best free whiteboard animation software. Renderforest is one of the only platforms on this list that you won’t find you need to eventually pay for, but it is intentionally limited in scope. The explainer video software eliminates the fluff and faff of custom creation tools in favor of functionality that quickly builds an intriguing story.

Renderforest has amassed an extensive library of royalty-free images, videos, music, and sounds to quickly drag and drop onto your whiteboard. Paired with the custom logos, vibrant color, and flexible text blocks – you can set the scene in line with your brand and captivate an audience. The application’s purpose is a speedy way to deliver short, professional whiteboard videos – and it certainly accomplishes that.


  • Create an engaging one-minute video in 3-simple steps
  • Choose any ready made template to render a professional video in an instant
  • Very intuitive, allowing anyone to make up a great-looking animated explainer video
  • You’ll never need to pay a penny if you already are enjoying the free version

There isn’t much free whiteboard animation software out there, so we already have a winner with businesses on a budget! It comes with limitations – but Renderforest is the ideal solution for anybody that doesn’t need a highly customized or detailed whiteboard presentation. There is a paid version that offers more features. Those include extended video time and more custom options.

Adobe animate CC

It almost wouldn’t be a media creation list without an Adobe product featured, right? Adobe Animate CC is the brand’s answer to whiteboard animation videosoftware – and of course, it comes jam-packed with features. I can safely say that Animate CC isn’t the most ideal solution for beginners. But those who are graphically and technically adept can make a lot of use of the platform.

Businesses looking to share their whiteboard videos across various web, video, and mobile platforms can take advantage of the application’s focused features. Animators will see near limitless possibilities to create incredible 2D and 3D animation with a wide range of tools. You can then export them to web-based or social platforms with a highly professional flair.


  • Fantastic export capabilities including HTML5, Augmented Reality and WebGL
  • Several tools to create and meld animations to film-standard
  • A large bank of tutorials to get you started on Animate’s functionality
  • No limitations in creating a video that will amaze your audiences

Remember the days of Flash? Well, Adobe Animate CC is basically the successor to that whiteboard animation videosoftware. That notion does give it an air of familiarity – but still can be a bit overwhelming to use for non-animators. The videos that you can create from it are probably the most professional you can get, though. It’s definitely software worth learning if your business ambitions are very media-based.


Some of the best whiteboard animation software may do slightly different things – but they all have similar aims. They want you to deliver an exciting final product that will win over hearts and minds. Never again will you have to splash out on a designer or videographer. Whiteboard animation software puts the media power and video making in your hands – and any of these would suit your project objectives!

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