What are the best Zoom alternatives for small business?

Video conferencing is almost synonymous with the Zoom application. Why? Because at the beginning of the pandemic, the platform was already widely used in corporations for any global telecommunication needs. Its brand reputation led many small businesses to adopt the platform – only to find that its meeting functions weren’t quite up to their requirements.

Why Use a Zoom Alternative?

The global pandemic has put Zoom in the spotlight, though it’s been in the video conferencing business for years. While there was not much demand for online meeting – Zoom worked as a workable tool for special occasions. Now small businesses are moving their entire operations online – Zoom’s general approach doesn’t cut it anymore.

Small businesses seek video platforms tailoring to their demands – be it more simplistic video calls or complex real-time data transfers. Maybe you need to dazzle your audiences with visual flair? Perhaps you are hosting a conference with guests that aren’t as tech-savvy? These questions are pushing towards other Zoom cloud meeting alternatives.

7 of the Best Alternatives for Zoom

I’ve chosen 7 of what I consider the best zoom alternatives for small businesses – considering the ranging demands of different industries. Find more information about each one below:

  1. Google Meet
  2. Skype
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. RingCentral
  5. Zoho Meeting
  6. GoToMeeting
  7. Join.me
Google Meet

We’ll start out by introducing the Zoom meeting alternative from one of the world’s most established organizations. Surprisingly, Google has struggled to gain attention in the field of video conferencing. Google Meet emerged from the ashes of its predecessor video calls platform, Google Hangout – but that’s not to say that Google Meet isn’t a fantastic Zoom Alternative.

Google Meet is more geared towards businesses than the individual social spectrum, making it an ideal video conferencing platform for professionals. Up to 100 people can join in the video calls conversation – easily accessible through the wide range of dedicated apps or even directly through Chrome. Google Meet is definitely one of the user-friendlier meeting platforms and makes video conferencing a breeze.


  • Easy-to-use and highly accessible video conferencing app
  • Integrates with Google’s suite of apps to maximum functionality
  • Screen sharing capabilities to streamline workflow

Google Meet is one of the best Zoom alternatives for small businesses for a good reason – you can get linked up with anyone in a matter of minutes. It won’t offer detailed features like multimedia file sharing. But its primary purpose is to be a quality communication platform that can be trusted to get your meeting participants connected. Like most Google platforms, Meet is free, too!


Skype, at one point in time, was the premier video conferencing app. Arguably, other meeting platforms took some of their market shares away, considering it wasn’t tailored for businesses. Now, it’s seen the demand for use in various ways than personal communication. Skype’s features are looking more professional and business-savvy than ever before!

The meeting platform’s elementary interface and easy-to-use features have translated well into a business environment. Skype Meet Now features excellent quality video and sound with media sharing capabilities. You can even blur your background and have auto-generated subtitles on your screen paired with audio. Even more intriguing, Skype Meet Now is one of the safest Zoom alternatives with its focus on end-to-end encryption of all platform activity.


  • One of the world’s most popular video calls platforms now redefined for small business
  • Can call mobile and landlines, as well as send SMS messages
  • Support for most devices (Android, Apple) to video conference anywhere

Skype’s reputation precedes itself – we already know that it’s a fantastic personal video chat tool. Now it’s transitioned into the professional arena, it is one of the best Zoom alternativesfor small businesses. The sense of familiarity and security help facilitate video collaboration into highly productive sessions. Skype is also free, but some features will need to be paid for.

Microsoft teams

Have you got Microsoft Office 365 installed on your computer? As a small business, you most likely do. You should find Microsoft Teams neatly pugged away amongst the suite of apps. Teams have recently come to light as a brilliant video conferencing app – mainly because there’s no need to install anything. You can get video calls connected by clicking a simple link.

Microsoft Teams is one of the more accomplished alternatives to Zoom – it is completely synced with business operations. Excel, Word, and Powerpoint files are easily shared amongst the 250-capacity conference meeting rooms. Almost any Microsoft-based application somehow functions with Microsoft Team – quite seamlessly, if I may add. This is the Zoom alternative for anyone looking to get things done – right there and then.


  • Group video callingapp well-synchronized with the demands of small business
  • Supports the business suite of Microsoft apps
  • Meeting easily accessed by even those who don’t have Teams installed on their device

There is a lot of functionality in Microsoft teams which makes it very beneficial for small businesses. The standing issue is that it gets a bit fiddly with all its features. Other than that, the meeting platform’s professional touch and high capacity make this ideal for a team to maximize productivity remotely.


On the subject of the most professional alternatives for Zoom – RingCentral looks down at all the other meeting platforms. The chat app was introduced as the ultimate solution for video conferencing needs in business. It boasts a high level of functionality and features to accomplish project goals and assignments in a fraction of what other remote working platforms offer.

The sublime quality and video are all found online with no downloads needed. One of the standout features includes RingCentral’s ability to flip between video conferences – allowing multiple virtual meetings to transpire at once. Dashboards, meeting analytics, and calendar syncing also included. There’s near-limitless small business potential for this platform.


  • Access from any device (Android, Apple), anywhere – without loss of quality
  • The most numerous palette of business features for a video conferencing tool
  • Change between devices or screens for a different meeting

Simplicity isn’t the name of RingCentral’s game – this collaboration tool wants to cover everything needed in a business. It’s a better alternative to Zoom for productivity and connecting remote teams. All its functionality and potential more than cover the $24.99 per month price. But if all you need to do is speak and share – RingCentral might be a bit over the top.


Looking to remove all the fuss out of organizing a video conference? Zoho Meeting is about the best Zoom alternative you can get. No downloads, no overblown features, and no fiddling around with settings to get going. The app is highly accessible to anyone – just click a link and start your video chat.

Zoho Meeting is ideal for people that want to have a quick meeting without the hassle of setting up. The person in command will just need to create a room and send it around. One of the platform’s highlights adapting to modern demand is the webinar functions – creating interactive and engaging conferences for teams and guests.


  • One of the most accessible video conferencing software available
  • Simple video meeting creation and quick invite functions adapt to a fast-paced work environment
  • Webinar functions allow screen sharing and analytics about your video chat

Zoho Meeting is meant to be simpler and serves as a more efficient alternative to the Zoom app. That does mean that you won’t have the data-heavy features included like video recording. The platform is so refreshingly intuitive – that I’d say it is one of the best Zoom alternatives for small businesses. The free plan only accommodates meetings of 3 – but the different pricing plans for more numbers are very affordable.


GoToMeeting is another excellent small business alternative for Zoom because it manages workflow so well. It’s built around accommodating remote teams with a vast array of functionality. Calendar integration assists with creating regular meetings, which can be initiated from a click of a button. Other features put the platform at the peak of professionalism.

GoToMeeting almost serves as a digital exhibition center. There are multiple meeting rooms, administrative dashboards, seamless file exchanges, and more – all provide the medium to get international business done. There are even voice commands for the app to make conferencing extra efficient. GoToMeeting is the defining alternative for Zoom that brings video calling into the future.


  • One-click video meeting room setups
  • Synchronize your Office 365 apps with the video conferencing software
  • Keep a check on daily business remotely with calendar integrations

GoToMeeting goes beyond the essentials of a high-quality video communication platform. This meetingapp wants to be the go-to tool in running your small business remotely. The wealth of features might be a bit more than you need – but for its starting price of $12 a month, it’s excellent. GoToMeeting is one of my most recommended alternatives for Zoom.

Join.me got ahead of the game by realizing the need for a quick and easy video conferencing service. The ongoing pandemic highlighted the need to move much of small business operations online – and introduced a video calling platform that created an online meeting room with ease. Join.me was a global innovator in bringing a highly efficient alternative for Zoom.

The meetingapp is one of the best Zoom alternatives for small businesses, given it scales to how simple or complex your requirements are. If getting a video chat going fast and talking it out is what you’re after – no problem. If you need to adjust audio and video controls for each of the 250 participants in attendance – that’s possible, too! All at the click of a URL.


  • Get a meeting going at the click of a URL
  • Use on any device (Android, Apple) without the need for downloads
  • Cloud storage to keep videos online so you can refer back to them any time

The way Join.me serves as an adaptable video conferencing tool makes it a profound alternative for Zoom. You can be as fussy as you like about each of your meetings – and Join.me will accommodate without hassle. It’s a little bit more expensive – but all the scheduling and productivity integrations make it worth your while.

Picking the Best Zoom Alternatives for Small Business

All these tailored video calling platforms would seemingly set Zoom back to the stone age! Like much communication software, picking the best zoom alternative for small businesses boils down to your requirements. Day-to-day operations vary greatly depending on what industry you are in – and some video conferences would need more than just chat functionality.

Data-heavy businesses like advertising and design would need facilitated file sharing. Others that deal with clients face-to-face would need higher quality hd video and screen sharing capabilities. If you fall under the category of ‘just get it done – a simple video conference app to record meetings will do the trick!


Not everyone wants to use Zoom or even has access to it. I’ve picked the platforms which I believe serve as the best Zoom alternatives for small business, with consideration that I think they maximize output and help achieve targets. The current uncertainty in the world means we may be remote working for a while longer.

Ultimately, there will be more reliance on video conferencing platforms for meetings or any virtual event. If you’re not on a Zoom alternative already – best check some of these out!

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